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Elizabeth Tarkowsky

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A little over a year ago, I graduated with my MBA. I started taking classes right after I got married and prior to having kids. When I started that journey, I wasn’t sure what my end goal was going to be, but I wanted to learn for the first time in my life for myself. I wanted to show my future kids that they can accomplish anything they want to if they work hard. I was also able to do this was because I found my person, Greg. Greg made me feel safe and he supported me throughout every step of my journey.

In December when I graduated, my thoughts were to have Molly and then start applying for corporate jobs. I wanted a job that would provide my kids with good health insurance and financially give me the ability to put money away for their future endeavors with whatever they wanted to accomplish in life. Then February 1st came; my mother fell, and I was in for one of the roughest years of my life. 2018 pushed me past anything I thought I could ever handle emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In the middle of this year, I was also still thinking about what my next move would be with my career. I still wanted something in place because, lets all face it, I am not built to sit at home. I love to work! So I started to tell Greg that I wanted to do something that I loved where I could express my creative side but also use my past experience and education towards. I told him I wanted to open up a boutique. A boutique that was affordable, that could allow me to make other people feel good when they walked in the doors. A job that would not feel like a job!

So I started an online boutique because I knew with everything I had going on opening a store might be a little, well, very crazy!!! I thought I would try out the idea and invest every penny back into my crazy idea. The boutique was my outlet, a place where I could escape the reality of my life and dive into fashion and business. This crazy idea has turned into a HUGE success. My house is overflowing with inventory and the support of all of my friends and family has been amazing.

This leads me up to my exciting news… I am OPENING my first Village Trends Boutique in Chesterland, Ohio. The location is next to a hair salon on Mayfield Rd. and it’s the perfect size for me to test the waters with an actual physical location. I can’t wait to update you all on my journey.


Thank you to all of my family and loyal customers that are helping me make this dream a reality!!! Love you all!


XOXO – Elizabeth Tarkowsky

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